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Tailored wellness support and resources for your team members, from Monday to Sunday.
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Making a real difference in wellness at work

OptiMe is an employee wellbeing initiative proven to create a lasting positive change – for teams, management, and everyone in between.

As part of your internal HR function, we give employees the tools to thrive within and outside the office. The app features 24/7 access for help on the go, from counselling sessions to healthy grub recipes (and so much more).

Discover a new approach to workplace wellness with OptiMe today!

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Employee health and wellbeing: it’s what we do

The OptiMe app is guided by our 6 pillars of employee health and wellbeing:

What does the OptiMe App include

Secure and personal account

Private login to a company-branded dashboard. Set personal goals, monitor access, access relevant content, and receive counselling.

Play-and-pause workshops

Pre-recorded workshops and resources developed by leading experts in mental and physical health, careers, money, and more.

Nutrition-packed recipes

Simple and affordable dishes for every diet, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. A tasty meal for even the busiest of schedules.

Relaxation pick-me-ups

Quick daily exercises that focus on mindfulness and self-reflection. Proven to enhance mental wellbeing, boost productivity, and inspire calm.

Exclusive platform perks

Personal points system, plus competitions and prizes. A few extra incentives for those actively using the OptiMe employee wellbeing initiative.

Anti-burnout exercises

Engaging tasks focusing on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Designed to reduce stress far before it reaches the tipping point.

Wellness at work just got easier

Explore what our 100% commitment to health and wellbeing in the workplace really looks like:

HR add-on

OptiMe compliments HR efforts to improve company morale and wellbeing.

Tried & Tested

10,000+ employees around the UK (and counting) make the most of the OptiMe app and our services.

Privacy is key

No managers. No third-party companies. We never share data with anyone.


Businesses of all sizes are signed up to OptiMe, from start-ups to corporations.

Extra guidance

Our app helps HR and wellbeing champions stay on top of health trends and topical issues.

Fuelled by evidence

The OptiMe app borrows tips and techniques from experts people know and trust.

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