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£56 billion each year

That’s how much the Mental Health Foundation estimates mental ill health costs UK employers. It comes as no surprise that companies are searching for an employee wellbeing initiative that works (and which team members actually use).

Proactive and preventative wellness at workplace

Think of OptiMe as an extension of your HR department. Our award-winning solution helps employees thrive within and outside of the office. Bespoke counselling and content, money-saving hacks, easy meal recipes… OptiMe includes everything for a more balanced life.

Reach Your Full Potential

We're passionate about optimising your employees' health, happiness and productivity.

Small Steps, Big Results

We provide small, manageable steps which lead to big results without requiring a large time or budget commitment.

Developed by Experts

We offer a completely tailored solution to improve your team’s wellbeing and support your HR department.

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Supporting organisations
of all sizes with employee wellbeing

Whatever your budget or number of employees, we can customise a wellbeing strategy that suits your organisation’s needs.  Here are some reasons that this is crucial in your business:

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Employees said personal problems affect staff wellbeing
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Employees would participate in personal wellbeing programmes
0 %
Employees experience symptoms of burnout and exhaustion
0 %
Of working days lost to ill health are due to anxiety or depression

Discover your next wellbeing initiavive

OptiMe App

Give your employees 24/7 access to a secure platform to set their goals, enjoy relevant content, and receive expert support.

Group workshops

Book one of our wellbeing specialists to host an employee health and wellbeing workshop, focusing on a topic of your choice.

Mental health training

Register your Wellbeing Champions for an accredited Level 2 Emergency Response to Mental Health qualification.

The OptiMe 6 pillars of wellbeing in the workplace

Not just any wellness initiative

We take employee health and wellbeing seriously. No matter the size of your workforce or budget, our goal is to:

1. Reduce stress (so that burnout doesn't become a concern)

2. Promote easy methods to improve physical and mental health

3. Accelerate team productivity and encourage members to stay

4. Influence positive, collaborative relationships among colleagues

5. Work with the HR department to instil an empowered culture

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Reviews from our community

Proudly working with global organisations

OptiMe, employee wellbeing, Muckle LLP, mental health, wellbeing, workplace wellness

"The advice on portion sizes was really helpful and the diagrams gave you a good visual tool for focusing on this. The talk was engaging and gave helpful practical tips"

Workshop Attendee

Muckle LLP

OptiMe, employee wellbeing, Wilton Universal, mental health, wellbeing, workplace wellness

"As an employer OptiMe gives our company the opportunity to demonstrate to our employees that we really care about them and will offer support covering the 6 pillars of wellbeing"

Bill Scott OBE

Wilton universal Group

OptiMe, employee wellbeing, mental health, wellbeing, workplace wellness

"We added the app to our wellbeing policy and made available to all. The impact has been huge and is a safe place for everyone to access as and when they feel fit. Team sessions based on the apps features provides a great forum for open discussion and thoughts. A great tool for an individual and a team. Thank you OptiMe"

Michelle Carter

Bespoke Financial Group

OptiMe, employee wellbeing, GLT Partners, mental health, wellbeing, workplace wellness

"We really enjoyed the the Workplace Wellbeing session delivered by Bethany and her team and found it enlightening. The buzz and laughter in the room was lovely to hear and we’re sure that our attendees went home with lots of useful hints and tips"

Ngozi Lyn Cole

GLT Partners

OptiMe, employee wellbeing, ITV, mental health, wellbeing, workplace wellness

"OptiMe offers our employees a wealth of wellbeing materials and workshops as and when they need it. We recently experienced the Achieving Work-Life Balance and Mindfulness workshops; Bethany was so knowledgeable, and we took a lot of useful tips away from it. OptiMe has allowed us to provide a better wellbeing service within the business"

Deborah Jones

Naim Audio


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