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There are many reasons why pets make our lives so much better! Not only are our pets always ready to greet us with a friendly face or tail wag after a long day at work, but they can also bring a smile to our face, boost our physical fitness, and help us to live longer! So why not benefit your workplace by introducing some furry friends. Here are our evidence-based reasons why you should leave your no pet policy behind.


More paws-itive workplace

More employers and employees are discovering that pets in are making their workplace a happier and more positive place to be. 75 and 95% of workers who took part in a survey about pets at work felt that the practice improved morale, work-life balance, relationships, and work hours. 


Reduced stress

With the increased number of employees facing work related stress resulting in lack of sleep, poor wellbeing and difficulty concentrating, it’s more important than ever before to have a stress-free working environment for you and your employees – after all the average employee spends 40 hours per week at work! Researchers have discovered that employees that had pets at work showed the lowest stress levels, whilst employees without pets had the highest work stress. Other studies have also found support for pets in the workplace being linked to numerous physical and emotional benefits, including lowered blood pressure and decreased heart rate and depressive symptoms.


Decreased absenteeism

Since stress is the highest cause for employee absenteeism, it’s no wonder that having pets in the workplace decreases employee absenteeism rates. The average cost of absence in an organisation equates to 3% of payroll, an estimated £20bn per annum in the UK. Not only this but allowing your employees to bring their own pets to work decrease the chances of them missing out on work due to pet related problems and responsibilities. Having pets in the workplace also encourages employees to come into the office! Once they’ve built a relationship with your work pet, they’ll be more excited to start the day, boosting their mood and decreasing absenteeism. Therefore, adding a new member to the team could be economically beneficial as well as emotionally.


Boosts productivity

If you’re worried that pets might distract your employees from their hard work, then fear no longer. Research shows that Employees who bring their pets to work often lead more productive and engaged work lives. Pets also increase creativity in the workplace. 61% of employees tend to spend their lunch break at their desks but having pets in the workplace means employees are more likely to take a stroll on their break with their dog or spend time playing with the pets in the workplace away from their desk. Time away from your typical working environment during the day has been linked to increased energy, creativity, and productivity.

Promotes team bonding

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend – and it’s true. But did you know that owning and spending time with a pet can improve your relationship with others? That includes relationships between colleagues and can produce improved teamwork and collaboration skills. Studies have found that having a close bond with a pet lead to improved social skills, empathy, and more positive attitude towards others. Pets can also bring a since of comfort to the workplace, projecting a friendly and open environment where employees feel able to be themselves and increase their social connections with others. 


But what if you or your employees are allergic to pets?

If you or one of your employees if allergic to dogs or cats, fish tanks can be a great way to benefit from the advantages of having workplace pets without dealing with the distraction of itchy noses, and watery eyes. Fish tanks in the office are found to create a visually calming effect, reducing blood pressure and stress. They have also been linked to better sleep at night and bringing the serene beauty of an aquarium to the workplace creates an aesthetically appealing office both for potential clients and employees. This can help increase employee retention rates and benefit your business!

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