2020-2021 has no doubt been a challenging year for organisations across the globe, with disruptions and obstacles created for businesses across all sectors and without question, impacted massively on wellbeing, leaving employees happiness to suffer.

As we slowly approach the ‘new normal’ with organisations across the UK opening their doors again – a question on many employer’s minds is…

Are my employees happy?

This September, OptiMe is putting employee happiness under the spotlight with a focus on building happy, healthy working environments, where employees can thrive, work productively and healthily.

Whether employees are starting to return to the workplace, adjusting to work after furlough or have been working from home throughout the pandemic, OptiMe is here to support organisations with implementing wellbeing policies, as well as providing reviews on your workplace wellbeing strategies that consider your teams’ happiness and morale. 

Benefits of happy employees

The benefits that happy employees bring to an organisation’s workplace culture and reputation is second to none. Businesses who invest in their people’s happiness have found that they experience more of the following…

  • Improved productivity: Analysis from Harvard Business Review found that happy employees are on average are 31% more productive than those who are unhappy and are three times more creative.
  • Positive workplace culture: Happy employees are more committed, engaged and are willing to support each other, creating more a valuable team for your company.
  • A confident workforce: Happier employees tend to be more confident about their work, offer creative solutions and are more willing to take on risks, as well as more responsibility.

Top tips for boosting employee happiness at work:

  • Think outside the box: Relaxing the rules occasionally can do wonders for staff morale. This can include letting your team go home early on a Friday or by hosting a virtual party for remote workers. You could even allow your team members to bring their children and pets into work on selected days to give their happiness a boost.
  • Work-life balance: Due to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some employees may feel the internal pressure to work harder than ever before and, in some cases, prioritise work before their health. As a result, their work-life balance will be uneven, putting them at risk of experiencing burnout (see our blog all about how to prevent burnout link here.)
  • Flexible hours: By being open to providing flexible work hours and hybrid working options, employees’ productivity and morale significantly improves. Also, by offering such options, you can attract and retain the best talent to work for your company.

Here are our top 10 tips to promote employee happiness at work…

1. Always Smile.
Whenever you talk with or come across someone at work, greet them with a warm smile. According to a paper published in the Psychological Bulletin, smiling can make people happier. So, remember to smile whenever you get an opportunity to do so.

2. Keep your workspace clean and organise.

Always keep your workspace neat and tidy. A clean and organised workspace can create a positive vibe and increase motivation and productivity. It will also keep your mind fresh and leave you feeling good throughout the day.

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3. Go on a holiday.
Long hours at work, day in and day out can take a toll on anyone. If all else fails and you feel that your productivity has hit rock-bottom, then it may be time for a vacation. By having something to look forward to, taking a holiday can result in greater success and more happiness at work whilst boosting your productivity and creative juices.

4. Help others.
Come forward and help your colleagues whenever they need assistance. Helping and supporting people in their time of need can make you feel better about yourself and the level of happiness it provides is unparalleled by anything else.

5. Focus on one task at one time.
Focusing on more than one task at a particular time can increase stress and be a cause of unhappiness. Prioritise your tasks according to their importance will help you combat this and keep you focused at work.

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6. Socialise at work.
Humans are social beings, and we need socialisation to function correctly. As you spend most of the time of your day at work, it’s a good idea to have good relationships with everyone at work. Talk to your co-workers at work and connect with them on a personal level.

7. Set a goal or purpose.
Having a goal or a sense of purpose is very beneficial for our overall wellbeing. It can positively affect our abilities to think and combat stress. Determine what your purpose is and work towards achieving it. It will help you become more satisfied and happier in life.

8. Sleep is important.
Make sure you get enough sleep every night. Sleep is essential for functioning optimally and getting sufficient sleep increases our resilience to stress and illnesses. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to make sure that you are functioning to the best of your abilities.

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9. Take Breaks.
Sitting on your chair and working non-stop for long hours can cause serious repercussions in your life. Take short breaks at work frequently and go for a walk or maybe socialise with your colleagues. Taking breaks can increase happiness, productivity and make you more focused at work.

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10. Value yourself.
Never forget what your real worth is. Always take a moment now and then to appreciate and value yourself. Remind yourself of your abilities and your past achievements. Doing so can make sure you find happiness and satisfaction at work and in life in general.

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