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21st-25th June is Wellbeing Week 2021. Now in its third year, the week returns to provide the opportunity for people across the world to promote an overall awareness for the wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, and environmental wellbeing. Something which has never before been so important, in these challenging times.

This Wellbeing Week we’re challenging you to take 6 steps to improve your 6 pillars of wellbeing!

6 Pillars of Wellbeing

At OptiMe we focus on 6 pillars of wellbeing and provide employees can access support and resources relating to these, online and through our app, which all goes towards providing preventative support that aims to create a long lasting, positive impact for everybody who accesses our platform.

We believe in a proactive approach and provide small, manageable steps which lead to big results without requiring a large time commitment. To book a demo of our platform click here.

Our 6 Pillars include: MyBody, MyMind, MyCareer, MyMoney, MyRelationships, MyEnvironment.

This wellbeing week we’re challenging you to be proactive about your wellbeing and choose 6 steps (one for each pillar) to carry out to improve the 6 pillars of your own wellbeing!

My Body

OptiMe Platform Resources: Occupational exercises to reduce daily stressors and strains, recipes to promote a balanced and healthy diet and guidance on physical health.

What steps you can take:

  1. Give up smoking or cut down your amount of cigarettes each day.
  2. Get active. Aim to complete at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day
  3. Cut down on saturated fat. Choose healthier snacks such as nuts instead of crisps.
  4. Get your 5 A Day. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables.
  5. Cut down on alcohol. Try to refrain from drinking alcohol on weeknights.


OptiMe Platform Resources: Content to nourish the mind and guidance through difficult and stressful situations.

What steps you can take:

  1. Practise mindfulness. Take a few minutes each morning to be mindful.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things at the each of each day which you are grateful for.
  3. Carry out deep breathing exercises when you feel stressed.
  4. Set allocated self-care times each day. You could take a bath, listen to your favourite music or carry out a hobby.
  5. Plan your workload in manageable chunks to help avoid stress.


OptiMe Platform Resources: Promoting confidence in the workplace, setting career-related goals and guidance to finding a work-life balance.

What steps you can take:

  1. Set allocated times to answer emails to help you separate work from home life.
  2. If you are working from home, take a walk when you finish work to simulate your ‘commute’ home.
  3. Create a list of your work-based achievements to boost your self-esteem and to refer to in reviews.
  4. Make sure you eat your lunch away from your desk each day.
  5. Take regular breaks throughout your day to help boost your efficiency and prevent burnout.


OptiMe Platform Resources: Resources to help setting financial goals and insight into solving issues such as credit score and debt.

What steps you can take:

  1. Make a budget for your monthly expenditure. Make sure to include money for fun plans too.
  2. Save your planned savings on pay day.
  3. Check your banking app for any potential rewards.
  4. Use cashback extras available both in independent apps as well as your online banking app.
  5. Look into savings apps and whether they could work for you.


OptiMe Platform Resources: Understanding how best to communicate at work and in home life.

What steps you can take:

  1. Call a family member.
  2. Plan some quality time for you and your partner.
  3. Practise active listening when others are speaking.
  4. Reach out to a friend you’ve not heard from in a while.
  5. Organise a team building activity at work.


OptiMe Platform Resources: Insight into creating a space at home and at work in which happiness and productivity will flourish.

What steps you can take:

  1. Tidy your workspace at the end of each day so that it is clear for you to return to.
  2. Create a inviting space to work in. Desk plants are a great way to brighten up your space.
  3. If a cleaning task takes less than 10 minutes to complete, avoid putting it off until later and do it straight away.
  4. Ensure you only use your bedroom space for relaxing – not working!
  5. Surround yourself with scents which you enjoy and which calm you.

We’d love to see or hear about you taking part in our Wellbeing Week challenge. Remember to tag us in your photos and tweets!

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