Maintaining Positive Mental Wellbeing at Work: How to support a workforce working from home.

With COVID-19 continuing to change working environments across the UK, many employees will currently be experiencing new challenges as well as new advantages of working from home. Now, as we see government guidelines allowing offices across the UK to reopen, we begin to see many organisations take the plunge and enter into a new phase of a flexible home-office hybrid.

Here at OptiMe, we will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, with our team working flexible hours and keeping in touch with one another digitally. For our team, this way of working ensures productivity and boosts mental wellbeing, as well as ensures that our team are safe. Whether your employees are working from home, or are returning to the office, there will be a need to support employees through this changing and new period of work.

While some employees may have found that working from home has reminded them of the benefits office working, such as socialising with colleagues. Others may have enjoyed the time spent working at home, the flexibility, and being surrounded by family. However your employees are feeling, it will now be integral to maintain their mental wellbeing, so we’ve shared some simple ways employees can ensure they’re feeling good each day.

Refining a Routine

Working from home can sometimes feel overwhelming at too some, when lacking daily structure.

Here at OptiMe we recommend that you;

  • Keep the same alarm daily. Stick to waking up at the same time each day, even on weekends.
  • Have a shower and get dressed for the day ahead.
  • Take time to set our clear tasks for the day ahead.
  • Remove any distractions from your desk space.
  • Taking regular breaks.
  • Set a clear end to your working day.

Lastly, be kind to yourself and look after your own health whilst at home.

Taking Time Out of the Day To Talk

Talk to employers and other employees about their day and what they have been up to.

It is important that staff recognise that their managers are a support system when needed. And that their colleagues can be friends.

This could be as simple as arranging a zoom call, suggesting a new way of dealing with a problem or even a general chat about their workload for that week.

When employees return to the office, it is vital that employers check in with their employees and make sure that they feel comfortable, safe and motivated in their work environment.

Healthy, Happy and Hydrated

Here at OptiMe we encourage our employees to eat healthily and stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is extremely important to health. It maximises physical performance, combats fatigue and boosts productivity!

Ensure your workspace has water dispensers to encourage employees to stay hydrated. A one-minute break from your computer to fill your water bottle up can boost your productivity levels for an hour.

If you’re responsible for managing a workforce and would like further information on our services here at OptiMe, email: [email protected]

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